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“Along with our team, I want to extend a warm welcome to you.  We would be nothing without our awesome team of licensed stenographers working together with us hand in hand to provide the professional gold standard to our clients.  We hope to have the privilege of working with you soon!”

Stephanie Leslie
Co-founder + CEO
CSR #12893, RPR, CRR, CCRR

Join a community of reporters that feel heard and understood! For you, by you.

Join a community of reporters that feel heard and understood! Regal Court Reporting is women owned, court reporter owned, and STENO ONLY! We understand what it's like to be a court reporter and the time it takes to do your job well. Regal is on your side! Let us assist you in producing a gold standard product to ensure the importance of steno remains in the legal community. We are more than a job source to our reporters. Let our team support you each step of the way, whether you are newly licensed or a veteran.

We hold tremendous respect for the court reporters we work with. As a smaller business we stay away from the corporate corporation of court reporting. Our court reporters know us and we know our court reporters. Together we build community takes care of each other. We also hold great pride in our work and the quality of service we deliver.

The easiest way to build your Calendar.

Our coverage team is happy to assign you to the jobs you want! Regal's job lists are organized and color-coded to make your life easier. They also include case names, witness names, and case type(whenever possible). We aim to be as transparent as possible so that you can choose the jobs that are best fit for you.

We notify our reporters about any changes to jobs our reporters are assigned to (i.e. if video or interpeter is added). Regal understands the importance of your time. Which is why we notify our reporters as soon as a cancellation is recieved and include a list of available jobs to replace that cancellation.

Feel at ease with the help our video/zoom team.

Online videoconference depositions are the new normal. We understand the fears and frustrations of video conference software's like zoom. To help our reporters we offer Zoom assistance on every job. Glitches, disconnections, and software crashes are inevitable but with Regal you will never face them alone. We are a phone call away from helping you tackle any situation.

Want to learn even more? Our teams offers webinars once a month, where they answer frequesntly asked questions! They also share tips for troubleshooting audio, video, and share screen errors.

Receive your pay as soon as a week from your turn in!

Regal is understands the importance of your work and copies. We keep track of copy orders and work to pay our reporters upfront for all copy orders made on the record! Regal also offers upfront pay for copies that are made on audio or via email.

Lets talk rates! Send your rate sheet to coverage@regalcourtreporting.com

Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Does Regal offer direct Deposit? Or only paper checks?

A: Yes! It’s your choice! Contact our finance manager, Sandra, to request the required forms to get started.

Q: What is the turn in process like? Does Regal use a portal?

A: Regal uses a portal called RB9 for the turn in process. We require a portal because it allows us to process, produce, invoice, and most importantly PAY REPORTERS with speed and accuracy. Using the portal may seem frustrating at first but don’t worry we have simplified the process as much as possible.

Lucky for you we provide short tutorials on the turn in process. If you get stuck, we are just a phone call away and happy to help.  After your first time successfully using the portal, you’ll feel like a PRO. Bottom line, the portal benefits you! It tracks your calendar and your pay!!

Q: Does Regal use digital reporting?

A: NO! We are 100% steno and always have been! Regal has never participated in digital reporting. Despite being desperate for coverage several times and wondering how we were going to cover; we have never once used digital!!

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