Testimonials from Real Clients

I have used Regal Court Reporting’s trial technology in my last four jury trials and it has worked perfectly. When I am presenting my case to the jury the last thing I want to worry about it whether the technology is going to work. Regal puts that concern to rest and now I won’t do a trial without them.

– Michael Jeandron, Esq., Roberts Law Firm

Regal Court Reporting has always exceeded my expectations. Their court reporters are always professional and do superlative work. Regal really caters to the needs of their clients. I’ve known Isaiah for several years and he has always exhibited the highest professional standards and integrity. I highly recommend Regal Court Reporting. They are the only court reporting company I use.

– Dieter Zacher, Law Office of Dieter Zacher

Their transcripts are so reliable, they have literally helped us win our cases.

– Paul Ultimo, The Ultimo Law Firm

Regal Court Reporting is setting new standards for the court reporting industry by delivering clean and accurate deposition transcripts in record time! Just recently, I used Isaiah’s company in a case where I deposed a witness less than a week before trial. Needless to say, this was an expedited order. Regal was able to generate a 300 plus page transcript (hard copy and electronic version) in less than 48 hours! Talk about results! All personnel, including the court reporter, were friendly, courteous and highly professional. My experience was nothing short of regal!

– Mark Risner, Law Office of Mark T. Risner

Isaiah’s company is top notch. I use Regal for all of my depositions and they always arrive 15 minutes early and do an outstanding job. I highly recommend this company.

– Brent Caldwell, Law Offices of Brent Caldwell

Regal Court Reporting has come through for my law firm time and again, with quality reporting and timely turnaround. I highly recommend them.

– William Weinberg, William Weinberg Attorney at Law

Isaiah is so great to work with. I have used Regal Court Reporting for a number of my cases since I first became a Lawyer. I wouldn’t even think of using any other court reporting service. I would recommend Regal Court Reporting to any of my colleagues.

– Alice Tadros, Boyer Tadros Law

Their professionalism, attention to detail and absolute competence set them apart from any other court reporting agency.

– Rose Amezcua-Moll, Amezcua-Moll and Associates